Friday, 23 Aug 2019

After being married for less than five minutes, this wife divorced her newly married husband


IllustrationIllustration - The couple in Kuwait made history in on their marriage. They just got married for three minutes and immediately divorced. The two unnamed couple just got married. When going out of the church, the bride suddenly falls.

Instead of helping his wife, the groom scolded his wife and called his wife stupid for falling over. For the woman, the attitude of her new husband is too excessive and unacceptable. The woman went back inside and asked to cancel their marriage.

They only married for three minutes. As quoted from Q8 News, their marriage became the shortest marriage in Kuwait, and maybe in the whole world. News about this brief marriage spread widely on Twitter and went viral. Many scoffed and teased the couple for wasting the judge's time. But not a few also support the bride.

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Netizens argue that the bride's attitude is correct. If the husband has berated her at the beginning of the marriage, it is a sign that he will commit other violence at a later time. But there are also those who argue that the bride is just looking for reasons to divorce. According to an article on Arab News, newly married couples will get financial assistance. Later, many couples in the Middle East underwent marriage and divorced so that the divorce rate has been higher in recent years.


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