Monday, 27 May 2019

US forces allies to choose between working with themselves and with China


US forces allies to choose between working with themselves and with ChinaUS forces allies to choose between working with themselves and with China - On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned the Allies that using the equipment of the Chinese telecommunications concern Huawei Technologies could be worth the loss of cooperation with the United States.

The US authorities believe that Huawei’s technic and technology can be used by Beijing for spying, and therefore the State Department actually declared China’s largest company a means of expanding China into Central Europe and a way to gain a foothold in the EU market.

Due to the fact that some countries allow the use of Huawei products on their territory, it will be harder for Washington to “cooperate with them”, - Pompeo stressed to journalists during his visit to Budapest.

Americans, in particular, are worried about the distribution of Huawei equipment in Hungary and Poland. “We want to make sure that we have revealed to them all possible risks from the use of this equipment”, - said the American diplomat.

First, Pompeo plans to visit Hungary, then he will come to Slovakia and Poland. The purpose of the trip, according to a representative of the administration, is an attempt to compensate for the lack of US participation in the countries, which enabled China and Russia to establish themselves over the past 10 years and increase their influence in the region.

Mike Pompeo announced plans to enter into a defense cooperation agreement with Hungary, whose government welcomes China’s investment in it’s country. At a meeting with Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto, Pompeo stressed the "danger of letting China get a foothold in Hungary."

Hungarian Minister Siyarto dismissed “US concerns” about China and Russia, saying that Budapest, as a member of NATO military alliance, fulfills its obligations to its Western allies.

“When it comes to cooperation with China or with Russia, this doesn’t harm us, we remain a reliable ally of NATO”, - he said at a press conference with his American counterpart.


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