Monday, 27 May 2019

Google is being investigated due to monopoly case by India authority


IllustrationIllustration - Monopoly accusations for Google continue to develop. Now it's the turn of the Indian government to investigate Google for alleged monopolistic practices related to the Android operating system. For your information, Google was previously hit with a fine of USD 5 billion by the European antitrust body because of the same charges.

Reported by Reuters on Thursday, February 14th 2019, Google is being investigated in India by Competition Commission of India (CGI) for misusing its superiority in the mobile device industry. In India itself, the Android OS is indeed very dominant.

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According to Statcounter, Android has a 90% market share in India. While in 2018, according to Counterpoint Research, almost 98% of cellphones sold in India run the Android OS. "The case is in line with the case in Europe, but it is still in its early stage" said a course who knew about the CGI investigation.

In Europe, the European Commission stated that Google had abused its dominance on the market since 2011, by forcing manufacturers to install Google Search, Play Store and Google Chrome on their phones.

After being found guilty and having to pay a fine of USD 5 billion in Europe, Google issued a statement. Namely they will set a certain tariff for cellphone vendors to be able to use the Google Play Store on their phones, and they also allow cellphone manufacturers to include app stores besides the Play Store on their cellphones.


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