Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Study : People are stop to wearing jeans at this age


IllustrationIllustration - Jeans are one of the universal fashion items. A casual look and type of material that is quite tough, making the trend of jeans timeless.  However, not all ages like to wear jeans. Not always jeans are suitable for use, especially for people who have turned 53 years old.

A research that was conducted by CollectPlus, UK involved 2000 people who loves shopping.  As the result, almost all respondents agreed that they not force themselves to wear jeans at the age of 53 years.  Most of the reasons for the respondents are the difficulty of finding jeans that are suitable for size. Maybe because of the size of their waist and legs are not as good as when they were young.

There are around 24% of respondents who claim it is difficult to find jeans that are suitable both in size and design.  About 29% said they never found the jeans they liked anymore. And they said that shopping at the age of 50 has not been as fun as it once was.

The respondents claimed, when they found a product that was fit on their body, they would be more loyal to wear it and not quickly find a replacement.  In addition to the difficulty of finding suitable clothes, comfort certainly must be the main one. 

Do not force yourself to wear jeans to look young, even though tortured when wearing them.






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