Monday, 27 May 2019

Father of Putri Titian passed away on March 11th


Putri TitianPutri Titian - The father of Putri Titian, Razak Bahar, passed away on Monday, March 11th. Many people assumed that he died due to heart attack because he seemed fine before he died.

Kori, Putri Titian’s uncle, also thought that his brother-in-law died so suddenly. According to him, Razak did not seem to feel pain or hurt in any way before he died. He did not show signs of anything.

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“If it’s due to sickness, then it’s normal, he’s already more than 50. But about the sickness, they said there was nothing,” he said.

Nevertheless, as a family member, Kori prayed for his late brother-in-law.


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