Monday, 27 May 2019

These are the function of red and green lights in the plane


IllustrationIllustration - Whenever you get on a plane, have you noticed the different colored lights on the plane’s wings? Every air planes has to have a red light on the port and green light on the starboard. These two lights have a function regarding safety.

According to the explanation of a pilot of Boeing 737 in a YouTube account, Mentour Pilot, the red and green lights, called Nav & Logo Lights, can help the pilot see the location of the plane when the visibility is limited. For example, during the night or during a weather where there is little light.

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The lights are intentionally given different colors. This is because if they use the same colors, then the pilot and airport officers will have a hard to know the direction of other planes. That is why the two lights have different colors and have to always be on during flight or when on land.

The red and green lights are so important that it is said that these lights also exist on space ships. Other lights on plane are also quite important, like Take Off & Taxi light.


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