Monday, 27 May 2019

Their brain still in development, so what is baby dreaming during their sleep?, this is the answer


IllustrationIllustration - The baby's brain that is in development cannot yet create a memory as complex as an adult. According to psychologist David Foulkes, one of the children's dream experts, people often mistakenly think babies able to dream. Considering reasons such as limited experience and immature brains, Foulkes and other neurologists consider infants are unable to dream during the early years of their lives.

When entering the REM phase or the rapid eye movement where the phase when adults begin to dream, half of the baby's sleep time is spent in that phase, followed by the jolt of the eyeball and the twitching of the body.

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While adults only spend a quarter of their sleep in that phase, the rest are in a non-REM phase characterized by slow brain waves. Therefore, if the baby can dream, then the work of the brain is like dreaming for eight full hours, while the picture they dream is only something they familiar with, like their bedroom, toys, and faces of their parents.

"Neurologists consider dreaming as the cognitive process that appears early in childhood, once they have the ability to visualize things visually and spatially. Even children in age like 4 or 5 years generally describe dreams that are static and bland, without moving characters, a bit of emotion and nothing to remember" Live Science website wrote, according to research by Foulkes and friends.


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