Monday, 27 May 2019

This is the reason why we can't remember anything when we were a baby


IllustrationIllustration - According to the Live Science website, chances are that when you were a baby, your brain cannot function properly to store complex information in the form of memory. Even though there are some things that we remember, such as the faces of our parents or have to say 'please' before asking for help from others, which is called semantic memory.

Until in the age of two and four years, children are lacking in episodic memory, which is related to the details of several specific events. This memory will be stored in several parts of the surface of the brain or the cortex.

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For example, memory of the sound will be processed in the auditory cortex which is on the side of the brain, while visual memory will be regulated by the visual cortex behind. The area of ??the brain called the hippocampus binds these scattered pieces back.

"Cortex is like a flower garden whose flowers are scattered over your head. The hippocampus is tucked neatly in the middle of the brain responsible for pulling them and binding them into a bouquet " said Patricia Bauer of Emory University in Atlanta.

We cannot remember the moments when we were babies that could be due to that when the hippocampus tried to tie the pieces of information. So that when the first two years of children are more aimed at getting semantic knowledge and from that point of view, the existence of episodic memories can become a separate disorder.


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