Monday, 27 May 2019

Baru! In China McDonald’s began selling a Russian burger with sausage


Russian burger with a thick piece of sausageRussian burger with a thick piece of sausage - The so-called “Russian” burger, a distinctive feature of which is a thick piece of sausage, went on sale at McDonald’s in China. This is reported on the organization's website.

Chinese McDonald's introduced a "russian burger" in the menu with a large piece of sausage!!!

The main ingredient of the so-called “Rassian burger” is a seven-millimeter piece of sausage, which, according to the network’s employees, embodies the true Russian taste and flavor.

“Pure Russian flavor! Seven millimeters of smoked sausage with two pieces of golden chicken”, - the Chinese McDonald’s lures buyers with beautiful slogans.

A set of “russian burger” and a drink will cost McDonald’s visitors 18 yuan (about $ 2.8).

It is worth noting that the novelty appeared in the menu of Chinese restaurants as part of the renewal of the range with an emphasis on national specifics. The restaurant also brought to the attention of buyers a “German” burger with sausages and beef cutlets and an “Alaskan” burger with fish.


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