Monday, 27 May 2019

Natuna regency in Indonesia officially named as world Geopark by UNESCO


IllustrationIllustration - The Riau Islands Provincial Government welcomed the establishment of the National Geopark area in Natuna Regency. Regional Secretary of the Riau Islands Province, Arif Fadillah, said that with this new status, it is expected to encourage the welfare of the local community. "With the establishment of Natuna as a National Geopark area, of course it will further strengthen the position of the Riau Islands Province as a tourist destination" Arif said as quoted by Antara, on Tuesday, March 12th 2019.

According to him, the existence of the Geopark in Natuna can have a domino effect that will directly feel by the community. Economic growth and welfare of the society will increase. "For tourists, if there are tourist attractions, they usually spend all of their money, whether for lodging, dining, transportation or even entertainment. There is a lot of money circulation in a tourist destination. The community should maximize and use this as a means to improve the economy" Arif said.

The Head of the Economy and Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's Assessment and Development Agency, Hery Laksono, explained in the concept of geopark, a region must not experience changes in natural forms. Therefore, it is necessary to involve the local community to maintain and process it so that it can be used as a tourist attraction, place of research, conservation of flora and fauna and so on, which does not change the order.


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