Monday, 27 May 2019

NASA announces to send humans to the moon on 2028


IllustrationIllustration - NASA aims to send humans to the Moon in 2028. To complete its mission, the United States government granted NASA's budget request of USD 21 billion. This amount dropped USD 500 million from NASA's budget last year.

"I am very pleased that the budget request for NASA was approved by the US president" explained NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine in his speech on Monday, March 11th 2019 as quoted by Space. "And we have the support of both parties and the two chambers of Congress."

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In video footage on the NASA site, the astronauts sent will stay on the Moon. Not only to land and take samples, such as NASA's Moon landing mission 45 years ago. Furthermore, they plan to explore Mars.

In yesterday's budget announcement, the White House submitted several requests for NASA. The US asked NASA to delay the development of more powerful SLS Block 1B rockets. Because, the development of this rocket is considered always late and over budget. Initially, the project was planned to launch in 2017, but now it must be delayed until 2020.

To prepare this mission, NASA prepared a Space Launch System (SLS). This is the most advanced rocket that NASA has. This rocket that will be used to take US spacecraft off to the orbit, and from there the spacecraft will explore space.


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