Monday, 27 May 2019

12 peopled died due to flash flood and landslide in Sao Paulo



At least 12 people were killed due to flash floods after heavy rains poured down the area on Sao Paulo region, Brazil, on Sunday, March 10th 2019. Firefighters reported that four members of family in Riberao Pires were killed after their house collapsed at midnight.

The heavy rains also caused landslides in the Embu das Artes which killed one person, while three others died due to drowning at Sao Caetano du Sul. Until now, security personnel are still trying to rescue people trapped in puddles and mud in Sao Paulo.

Meanwhile, access that connects the suburbs to the metropolitan city in Brazil is also disrupted due to these floods and landslides. Rescuers in a number of areas were forced to access remote locations using canoes which cut through brownish water. The governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, also asked residents to remain inside the house because heavy rains were expected to still flush down the area.


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