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A sobbing student visited her murdered fiance’s grave on the weekend


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  A sobbing student visited her murdered fiance’s grave on the weekend they were due to marry wearing the dress she had bought for the occasion. 

Some intimate photos show Sara Baluch, 22, weeping while visiting Mohammad Sharifi’s memorial in Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday. 

The snaps were taken three weeks after Mohammad, 24, was shot dead while trying to sell his Xbox one to a man he met online and invited to his apartment complex. 

Sara , of Nashville, Tennessee, visited Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens in her ivory chiffon dress, complete with a white tulle veil fastened with a pearl head piece. She donned the special outfit to visit Mohammad’s grave, then knelt over it and said, "We were supposed to be together. I’m so sorry. So sorry."

Sara was accompanied by her father Masoud Baluch, Mohammad’s parents Mohssen and Lilly Sharifi, as well as the Chattanooga Times Free-Press, who took heartbreaking photos of the visit. The grieving student told of how she was first to arrive at the hospital after hearing Mohammad had been shot on February 19, and her horror on learning her fiance had died.

She recalled, "The nurse came in. She sat down next to me. She held my hand, and she said, “I’m so sorry. He was shot. He didn’t make it.” 

"It was like the world was ripped from underneath me. It felt like I was falling and it wasn’t stopping. I fainted. When I woke up, I was like, “No. This is a dream. We were getting married in two weeks. I just saw him last night."

Sara told of the deep mutual love shared between her and Mohammad, and revealed how she received birthday presents from her fiance a week after his February 19 death. They included a Rolex watch Mohammad had promised to give to Sara during their Hawaiian honeymoon. 

Suspected gunman D’Marcus White, 20, has been charged with criminal homicide over Mohammad’s death.






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