Monday, 27 May 2019

Study found the reason why women with large breast are lazy to do some exercise


IllustrationIllustration - A study published in the New York Times study questions about how breast size affects when women do exercise. This is done on the basis of many reasons many women who prefer rarely move because of their breast size.

They explored and found that the larger the size of a woman's breasts, usually the less physical activity they done, let alone extreme sports or too much movement. This study was conducted on 355 women in Australia, where women who have bigger breasts make it difficult for them to exercise, even with low-movement sports such as walking or swimming.

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"The breast tissue of a woman is very heavy and there is nothing to support it. So, the breasts move when women exercise, even though they wear a bra" New York Times reporter Grecthen Reynolds wrote, quoted from Women's Health.

Not only that, women also faced another challenge: finding a bra that was right and suitable. The researchers in the study noted that some women with larger breasts often need to wear two bras at the same time to be able to support and provide comfort during running and high-movement activity.

"We suggest for women with large breast to exercise in water, like swimming and other water activities such as aqua aerobics, because the buoyancy pressure from water slows down breast movement" said Celeste Coltman, assistant lecturer at the University of Canberra, the study leader.


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