Monday, 27 May 2019

20-year-old Indian arrested for the rape of a 100-year-old woman


20-year-old Indian arrested for the rape of a 100-year-old woman20-year-old Indian arrested for the rape of a 100-year-old woman - A new shock in India occurred in the village of Nadia, West Bengal, India. Police arrested 20-year-old Abhijit Biswas on suspicion of rape.

According to «Mumbai Mirror», a suspect was found under the bed of a hundred-year-old woman.

Policeman Rupesh Kumar said that the elderly woman was sleeping alone in her unlocked house (in the village no one closes the door). When she started screaming for help, relatives, whose houses are in the neighborhood, came running to her.

“I heard some strange sounds, like moans, from my great-grandmother’s room.
Looking out the window, I saw that neighbor Abhijit was raping and torturing her, while the unfortunate woman was crying in pain. When relatives came running to help and turned on the light, Abhijit hid under the bed”, - the victim's daughter-in-law told.

Other relatives also confirm that they caught Abhijit red-handed.

In his defense, Abhijit Biswas stated that on that day he was in a state of severe intoxication and didn’t understand what he was doing.

A 100-year-old rape victim was taken to the Chakda State Hospital. Later she was transferred to the Kalyani Gandhi Memorial Hospital, where she is being treated.

Biswas was brought before a local court, which detained the young man for 14 days before the start of the second hearing. The investigation continues.


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