Monday, 27 May 2019

These are the things you have to do to avoid yourself getting anorexia


IllustrationIllustration -Anorexia nervosa is a psychological disorder which causes the fear of gaining weight. People who suffer anorexia nervosa have abnormally low body weight.

Females are often the one who suffer from this disorder because they pay attention to their appearance more than males. Then what should females do to prevent anorexia nervosa?

1.       Grow confidence

Females tend to pay more attention to their appearance and thus, they can easily feel insecure if they think they are not attractive. This can cause depression and an obsession to be slim or slender. That is why it is important to grow your confidence.

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2.       Not depending on other people’s perspective

Stop depending on what other people think of your appearance or character. You know what is good for yourself and you should focus on that. But that does not mean you should not listen to any of their advice or constructive criticism.

3.       Reduce interaction with social media

While technology is beneficial, there is a “toxic” side to it, especially in social media. It is better for you to use it only when you really need it, like for business or communication. Social media can change the user’s way of thinking. Many people post things that are considered “great” and “perfect”, like slender and perfect body shape for example. It can cause frustration in other people who try to attain the perfectness that is shown on social media.

4.       Focus on your qualities

Beauty is not only about appearance and look, it is also about personality, intellect, insight and behavior. If you can focus on what qualities you have, you will not always be obsessed with what you do not have.


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