Monday, 27 May 2019

These are the benefits of letting children to explore the nature


IllustrationIllustration - There are many indoor facilities for children to play, which makes parents, especially those who live in big cities, forget to bring their children to explore nature. This is because many activities, like games, sports and studying can be done indoors these days.

However, spending times outdoor to explore nature actually has positive effect on children’s academic achievement and health development. This is revealed by a study done by the researchers from University of Illinois and University of Minnesota. According to Professor Ming Kuo from Natural Resource Department of University of Illinois, it is time we use nature as a source of learning for children.

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“We find a strong proof that spending time with nature can give rejuvenation effect to the attention skills, reduce stress, increase self-discipline, increase physical health and activity, and increase students’ self-motivation, fun and participation in learning process,” he said.

Nature can give a much calmer and safer learning environment for children. It gives warmth and ouch cooperative relationship between students. It also becomes the source of games that are more creative and explorative.


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