Monday, 27 May 2019

Mocked as leopard when she was a girl, this woman manages to turn herself as famous model


Marika NagyMarika Nagy - A birthmark is commonly owned by everyone. Usually a birthmark shaped like a mole lives in several parts of the body such as the hands, back, or legs, but not for this woman, she has a birthmarks in all over of her body. This happened to Marika Nagy, a woman from Germany. Marika was born with brown spots all over her body. The condition in medical world is called Congenital Melanocytic Nevu.

This condition is quite rare, only occurs in one baby among 500 thousand babies born. "With conditions like this, I am more vulnerable to get cancer. I also grew up with various of problem. I faced bullying, and I don't have many friends due to my condition" Marika Nady told Barcroft TV.

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Marika's biggest problem at that time was loneliness. She was often bullied by her friends with various names such as leopards. After graduating from school, Marika regained her confidence until now she is often used as a model for various fashion brands in Germany.

Marika also has a son. At firsts she was afraid, what happened to her will also affect her child. However, her child was born normal and healthy. "I think beauty is diverse. Beautiful does not come from one size, one color, one form. I'm quite proud of my appearance, I keep trying to show my true self" explained Marika.


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