Monday, 27 May 2019

For mozzarella lovers, enjoy new rainbow-themed mozzarella cheese dishes


IllustrationIllustration - Mozzarella cheese is famous for its stretchy texture when eaten. This type of cheese is more attractive when given a touch of rainbow color. Many foods and desserts now use mozzarella cheese. The use of this cheese produces the sensation of threads stretching when the food eaten. About the taste, this Italian soft cheese tastes lightly mild so it does not give a dominant taste to a dish.

One of the early rainbow mozzarella cheese creations is in Hong Kong. In 2016, the Kala Toast bakery outlets introduced rainbow grilled cheese that looked Instagramable. This toast is made from 4 mozzarella colors, each of which represents a different taste. Blue for lavender, green for basil, red for tomatoes, and yellow for a combination of 4 cheese flavors namely mozzarella, cheddar, emmental, and gruyere.

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Following the rainbow grilled cheese, there is Rainbow Pizza which makes it revealed by the Oh Bite It site. Using a packaged pizza, grated mozzarella cheese is poured over it, after baking it until almost cooked, food coloring one by one drops onto the cheese surface. Then the pizza is baked again until cooked.

In Indonesia, the rainbow mozzarella trend can also be enjoyed. Dapoer Roti Bakar, for example, has a mysterious black bread containing this rainbow-colored mozzarella. It's called the Mysterious Rainbow Mozzarella Bread which is priced at around USD 1.5. The deep black color of the bread apparently comes from a mixture of charcoal powder and coffee. While the stuffing, mozzarella is given a variety of food coloring.


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