Monday, 27 May 2019

Highlight’s Junhyung admitted his involvement in the pornographic chatting with Jung Joon Young


Highlight’s JunhyungHighlight’s Junhyung - Junhyung had denied his involvement in a controversial group conversation with Jung Joon Young regarding porn videos. Now the member of 'Highlight' admitted that he got a porn video from Jung Joon Young. In the long enough writing on Instagram, Junhyung said he had been offered by Jun Joon Young about a girl's video from a hidden camera. But he did not accept it.

"In Kakao Talk's conversation in 2015, after we went drinking, Jung Joon Young told me that he got a hidden video recording. I didn't receive a video in that conversation. But I received it from other hidden cameras" Junhyung said, reported by allkpop, on Thursday, March 14th 2019.

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Junhyung said he was also involved in inappropriate conversations about the video with Jun Joon Young. He admitted the action was immoral and included as a crime. "We also have inappropriate conversations about other hidden camera videos. All these actions are very immoral, and I am stupid. I do not realize that this action is classified as a crime and a violation of law" he said.

In his confession, Junhyung said he had never recorded through a hidden camera or shared it. He also never contacted Jung Joon Young since late 2016.


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