Monday, 27 May 2019

Sweating is good for a good erection


Scientists have proven that sweating is good for a good erectionScientists have proven that sweating is good for a good erection - A group of American scientists conducted a study in which it was possible to prove that sweat actually has a positive effect on men’s erection, and therefore improves the quality of sex.

Men who lead an active lifestyle often have good sexual power, their erectile function works harmoniously and efficiently, sweat actually contributes to the improvement of the male sexual organ. If a person leads a passive and little active lifestyle, then his erection, as a rule, comes later than the allotted time, and the process of sexual intercourse itself brings little benefit, the feeling of satisfaction is not so pleasant.

For this reason, scientists urge men, especially in middle age, to use sports, in particular, to strength exercises, because during perspiration, nitrogen oxide is actively produced, which affects the erection of men. Lead an active life is useful to all, but the allocation of sweat has a significant positive effect on the representatives of the strong half of society.


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