Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Is this the reason why Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down yesterday?


IllustrationIllustration - The down of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp makes many people wonder. How can social media networks collapse together. There were those who suspected that the collapse of the network was caused by an attack on distributed denial of services (DDoS). But this news was immediately ignored by the Facebook.

"We are focused on fixing this problem as soon as possible, but we can confirm that this problem is not related to DDoS attacks" Facebook wrote in a statement. Another assumption is that there was a leak in the border gateway protocol (BGP) which caused chaos in internet traffic, which ultimately caused the collapse of these networks.

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BGP is the world's internet traffic regulator, which is to regulate which data packets are gonna sent to. BGP itself depends on the trust of the network operator not to send the wrong data.

But if there is an error that occurs, in this case the data package containing malware is sent to BGP, there could be a route leak which caused confusion over data traffic on the internet, as quoted from Techcrunch, on Thursday, March 14th 2019.


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