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These are the simple steps you should do to prevent your kids to get cyberbullying


IllustrationIllustration - Although many social media platforms have applied age limit, there are still many children who fake their age in order to make an account. In fact, sometimes it is their own parents who help in making them an account. But there are many dangers that children can face in social media, including cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to hurt, humiliate, threaten or target someone. The cases of cyberbullying toward teenagers are increasing in the past few years. In Indonesia, things like that happen almost every day, not only to adult, but also teenagers and children. This is why parents have to be careful if they decide to let their children use social media.

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“If you decide to allow your children to use social media, then the best online security strategy is talking to your children and watch out for them while they use the internet,” said Declan Darcy from Ireland Police National Protection Service Bureau. You can prevent your children from becoming the victim or perpetrator of cyberbullying by doing these:

1.       Know all the sites and applications that your children visit through their phone and learn about the security systems of the sites.

2.       Explain to your children that whatever they upload or share online will always exist on internet.

3.       Make your children promise to tell you whenever they get a message or comment that makes them feel uncomfortable.

4.       Discuss about how to face mature contents that they accidentally sees.

5.       If you find out your children become victims to cyberbullying, do not erase all the contents but save and capture it as proofs and report it to the authority if you feel disturbed.


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