Monday, 27 May 2019

Children who sleeps on schedules have better behaviors than who don't


IllustrationIllustration - Do you make a sleeping schedule for your children? Do you decide what times they should go to sleep? Or are you the type of parents who let your children sleep whenever they want to?

For those of you who make your children sleep on regular times, there is good news. A study that is released in Pediatrics journal in Britain reveals that organized or regular sleeping pattern affects children’s behavior as a whole.

This study monitored the sleeping habits of around 10 thousand children aged around 3,5 and 7. The result shows that children who sleep on different times every day have more difficult behaviors than those who sleep on fixed times. The difficult behaviors include lack of concentration, unstable emotion, quick temper and easily crying.

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The good news is that this difficult behavior can be changed if you apply a sleeping schedule on children and make them sleep on fixed times. Likewise, children who are used to sleep on organized times can show difficult behavior if their sleeping schedules are ruined.

“It is important for children to sleep on regular times every day because it gives a big influence on children’s behavior,” the study said.


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