Monday, 27 May 2019

Jong-Hyun from CN Blue got involved in Seungri’s prostitution case


Jong-Hyun from CN BlueJong-Hyun from CN Blue - There are many K-Pop stars whose names are involved in the prostitution case. Local media reported that there are around 10 names that are included in the group chat of Kakaotalk by Seungri.

Among the list of celebrities that got involved in the case is the member of band CN Blue, Lee Jong-hyun. SBS mentioned that Jong-hyun received a sex video during a chat with Jung Joon-young, the singer who was involved in the scandal of perverted video with 10 women that was spread illegally.

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Joon-young and Jong-hyun then talked about women like they were toys. The news also mentioned Choi Jong-hoon, a member of band FT Island, who later was revealed to be involved in the sexual scandal.

FNC Entertainment, the agency that manages CN Blue said that Jong-hyun has no connection to Seungri and Joon-young. He is just acquainted with the people who are involved with the case.


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