Monday, 27 May 2019

To make her face smaller, this Taiwanese model pierced hundreds of needle on her face


Belle ZhouBelle Zhou - To feel beautiful, sometimes women feel not enough just with a smooth face without wrinkles and zits. To make it look more attractive, many of them want a smaller face shape. Therefore, women do various treatments to get the appearance they want, one of them is by acupuncture.

A Taiwanese model named Belle Zhou made her followers on Instagram shocked. In a post, she showed the condition of her face being pierced by many small needles. The woman who became the sexiest woman in Taiwan by the version of FHM magazine, made her fans worried.

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This treatment is not something new. Acupuncture technique has often been used for various healing ailments, slimming, to beautify the face. But for that many needles, many people just saw it for the first time. Even one of her followers said she looked like a porcupine.

Reported by Nextshark, facial acupuncture is indeed becoming a trend lately. The treatment is said to aim to shrink the size of the face. What is meant by shrinking is removing fats on the face so that the face doesn't appear swollen.

"After bone-toning massage, facial acupuncture is now becoming a trend (to small the face’s size). (I heard) bone-toning massage is very painful, but I will try it" Belle wrote in the photo. In another upload, a video shows the therapist pulling out the needles from Belle's smooth face.


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