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The baby’s vegan diet has caused heavy rachitis and many fractures


The baby’s vegan diet has caused heavy rachitis and many fracturesThe baby’s vegan diet has caused heavy rachitis and many fractures - At the age of 1, the child weighed only 4.5 kg and was behind in development.

In Sydney, Australia, there is a court hearing on the inappropriate care of children.
Accused spouses, 32 and 34 years old, whose names are not named for legal reasons, fed their children oatmeal and rice milk for breakfast, as well as only vegetables and fruits throughout the day.

As a result, a one-year-old child had heavy rachitis and it was taken to hospital with complications.

The defendants pleaded guilty. In her defense, the woman told the dietician that her entire family was on a vegan diet, and that her daughter usually drank one cup of oats with rice milk and half a banana in the morning.

For dinner, the children received a slice of toast with jam or peanut butter, and for dinner - tofu, rice or potatoes. But the younger girl usually had a bad appetite, so the child was sometimes fed only oatmeal.

After the examination, the doctors diagnosed the girl with a serious nutritional deficiency, including a lack of calcium, phosphate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and zinc.

Low levels of vitamin D can cause bone disease. But in this case, vitamin D "was simply absent" in the body of a sick child. Her bones were very fragile, - doctors discovered multiple cracks, and were afraid to put any strain on her to avoid fractures.

The first time the girl was admitted to the hospital was one year old after her health deteriorated. Then the child was far behind in development: she didn’t crawl and didn’t speak.
Initially, the hospital staff respected the desire of parents to stick to a vegetarian diet. The first concerns appeared when the mother forbade giving the girl soya, fearing that there are many “hormones” in it.

At the first remarks of the doctors about the small height and weight of the child, the parents answered that these were not genetic features, but the result of their diet.

Her father called her simply "miniature." The girl, a little over a year old, weighed only 4.5 kg, two times less than the norm. After that, the doctors appealed to the police and the board of trustees.

For the last six months, the girl, along with her older brothers of four and six years old, is in a foster family. During this time, she gained 6 kg, and caught up in the development of their peers. The child is still under medical supervision.
The final decision on the punishment of parents-vegans court will make a little later.


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