Monday, 27 May 2019

A new way to recognize lies doesn’t depend on nationality


A new way to recognize lies doesn’t depend on nationalityA new way to recognize lies doesn’t depend on nationality - Scientists from England have invented a new way of recognizing lies, which doesn’t depend on the nationality of a person. The study is presented in the scientific publication «Psychology, Crime & Law».

The authors of the study noted that the difficulty in inventing a method of authentication, when a person tells a lie, is complicated by the fact that the ability to lie depends on the culture and the environment in which the individual was brought up. Experts from the English city of Portsmouth have learned to recognize lie, regardless of the person’s nationality.

The essence of the universal technique is that it is necessary to interview the subject about something concrete, for example, about his plans for the upcoming trip. If a person speaks the truth, he will try to communicate details that can be easily verified. The liar will try to name as many abstract facts as possible without focusing on concrete, exact data, because of which he could be caught in a lie.

Recall, psychologists from the United States warned parents that the lie about the existence of Santa Claus, introduced from childhood into the mind of a baby, can forever undermine their authority in the eyes of an older child.


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