Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Honda wants in 2025 they only sell electric and hybrid vehicles


IllustrationIllustration - A Japanese manufacturer, Honda, is determined to accelerate the era of electric vehicles. In the Geneva Motor Show 2019, Honda announced its ambition so that by 2025 they will only sell electric and hybrid cars in Europe. This only applies to the European market. Determination of the number of sales of 100 percent of electric cars in that year was a revision of the previous target, namely two-thirds of sales in Europe in the same year.

"Since the vision of Honda 2030 was first announced in March 2017, we continue to move towards where our entire sales in Europe will come from electric cars" said Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe as reported by Asiaone.

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Gardner added, the various challenges faced to move there are to produce products that are more environmentally friendly for human mobility. Technology continues to grow rapidly, and people also begin to change their views on the car itself.

Honda's commitment was realized through the Honda e-Prototype which was first shown at the Geneva exhibition. Honda said the car will be the first four-wheeled electric passenger vehicle to be mass produced by the end of 2019 in Europe.

Honda e-Prototype itself will be used as an urban vehicle. The car is called capable of driving up to 200 kilometers in a fully charged battery condition and has a fast-charging feature that can charge 80 percent in 30 minutes.


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