Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

First wireless charger device from Blackberry officially released in India


BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging PadBlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad - The first wireless charger device carrying the BlackBerry brand is officially released in India. Carrying the name BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad, the gadget was introduced by Optiemus Infracom, the BlackBerry brand license holder in India. This device is Qi based and uses a USB Type-C port to deliver power of 5W, looks slower indeed considering the output power of 10W and 15W already used on a wireless charger on the market.

However, BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad still supports Quick Charge 2.0. As an add value, there are LED lights as indicators of device charging status, as quoted from NDTV, on Wednesday, March 13th 2019. BlackBerry Power Wireless Charging Pad is referred to as a wireless charging device for BlackBerry Evolve X.

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However, considering that it has met the Qi standard, the wireless charger is claimed to be used to charge cellphone batteries that already support similar technologies, both Android and iOS based, which were released on 2017. This wireless charger weighs 54.4 grams and has an anti-slip feature where the cellphone is placed.

It is available on Amazon India at a price of INR 2,499 and has a six-month warranty after the purchase. Previously, Huawei also released a similar device in the State of Bollywood recently. Carrying 15W output, the wireless charging pad owned by the Chinese company is priced at INR 3,999.


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