Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

For the first time in the world, China manages to do remote brain surgery


Dr. Ling Zhi PheiDr. Ling Zhi Phei - A Chinese surgeon collaborated with Huawei and China Mobile to operate the brain of patient with Parkinson's disease as far as 3,000 kilometers. This surgery is the first time happened and they used a 5G network connection to do it. Reported by China Daily, this surgery was carried out on Saturday, March 16th 2019 then by Ling Zhipei, chief doctor of First Medical Center at Hainan PLAGH.

This operation aims to install deep brain stimulation (DBS) in the patient's brain to help him to overcome his Parkinson's disease. The patient is at the Beijing Hospital PLAGH 3,000 kilometers away. The surgery that went for 3 hours was successful, and he responded positively to the surgery and said he felt better.

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Dr. Ling himself did not expect to make history when he was given the responsibility for the surgery. He claimed to go back and forth between Beijing and Hainan, and when he was in Hainan, it was reported that a Parkinson's patient in Beijing needed surgery as soon as possible and could not fly to Hainan.

"The 5G network has solved problems such as jammed video and the experience of delaying remote control when using a 4G network, ensuring near-real-time operation. And you don't even feel that the patient is 3,000 kilometers away" said the doctor.


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