Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Want to gardening, but don't have enough space, try this new invention from OGarden


IllustrationIllustration - Gardening now does not require a huge are. Innovation in gardening was introduced by Pierre Nibart as the CEO of OGarden. It presents a sophisticated gardening tool that so practical because it uses an automatic irrigation and lighting system, reports Mashable, on March 19th 2019. The device called OGarden has actually been around since 2016, but now the newest series comes with the name OGarden Smart on Kickstarter. The creation of this sophisticated device originated from Nibart's concern for the environment.

"We think how to make a positive impact on the environment and finally find that if we grow our own vegetables at home, we make a good difference to the planet. So, this is very important" said Nibart. He recommended that his creation equipment be used by those who live in the city, who want to garden but do not have enough land.

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The way OGarden works is fairly easy. Users only need to fill the water tank once a week. "Choose what you want to plant like vegetables, herbs, or small fruits such as strawberries and cherry tomatoes" continued Nibart. The plants are left to be placed in OGarden so that users will be able to harvest garden produce every 30-40 days.

Quoted from My Modern Met, on March 19th 2019, the shape of OGarden resembles a rotating barrel. There are about 90 rooms to put plant seeds. These seeds are also provided by OGarden so users don't have to bother looking at the market. The use of OGarden is said to save up to 80% of spending on vegetables. OGarden also guarantees that the plants planted are free of pesticides because the soil used is using organic fertilizers.


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