Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Manchester City is looking to be the first team in England to get the Quadruple


IllustrationIllustration - Manchester City has the opportunity to win four titles at the same time on this season. There are only 15 matches that separate City to get its quadruple. City has won a quarter of the quadruple they are hunting. The title of the Carabao Cup has been secured in February by beating Chelsea in the final.

Three titles still have to be pursued by City, namely in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League. City itself is still competing with Liverpool in the Premier League, will face Brighton & Hove Albion in the FA Cup semifinals, and challenge Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League quarter-finals.

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Previously, there are only two teams that had eyed for quadruple until now. They are Chelsea in 2006/2007 and Manchester United in 2008/2009. Chelsea, which at the time was handled by Jose Mourinho, had to forget their hope to get the quadruple after losing to Liverpool in the Champions League semifinals.

Two years later, MU coached by Sir Alex Ferguson had the hope to get the quadruple, this dream then have to be vanished after being eliminated by Everton in the FA Cup semifinals. Now it’s City opportunity to continue the quadruple hunt in this season, so if they success to achieve that target, Manchester City will be the second team to get this title in the Europe after Real Madrid.


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