Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

WhatsApp launches its newest feature to stop the spread of hoax in India


IllustrationIllustration - WhatsApp has just introduced its new feature, fact checking services in India. This service is presented to fight disinformation and false news that spreads through its platform. Reporting from Reuters on Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, the Facebook subsidiary cooperated with local Proto startup to assess and label messages that spread on WhatsApp as true, false, misleading or disputed.

The message can be checked if the user forwards it to 'Checkpoint Tipline'. These messages are then used to be a database to learn and understand how disinformation spreads. Not only text messages can be checked, but also messages in the form of images and videos. This service also supports English and four local languages ??such as Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam.

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But, when Reuters tried to report a message containing disinformation to Checkpoint Tipline, the response from WhatsApp is still slow. Two hours after the message was sent, they were still awaiting clarification, and for WhatsApp itself, it’s not the first time it has faced a disinformation threat and false news on its platform ahead of the election. Last year, they also faced the same challenges ahead of the Brazilian elections.


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