Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Lionel Messi's salary is 325 times bigger than the female footballer with the highest salary, Ada Hegerberg


Ada Hegerberg and Lionel MessiAda Hegerberg and Lionel Messi

The profession as a professional footballer in Europe is known as the profession with the most tantalizing payments. However, striking differences still occur between the payment of male and female footballers. France Football recently released the biggest payroll for world footballers including for the coaches. In that list Lionel Messi becomes the highest paid male footballer in the world.

Within a year, Messi can collect EUR 130 million. Messi's income is bigger than his rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in second place with a salary of EUR 113 million. Messi's and Ronaldo's fantastic payment seem can make the female footballers to be jealous, because the highest income got by female footballers is very little compared to highest payment earned by male footballers.

The proof is that the 2018 Women's Ballon d'Or winner, Hegerberg, only earns EUR 400 thousand. Hegerberg's income is 325 times lower than the income of Messi. The Norwegian footballer herself is the most expensive player owns by Lyon women's team, and in second place is occupied by Lyon midfielder Amandine Chantal Henry who earns EUR 300 thousand.


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