Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

It's getting weirder, online food service in China provides the service to eat the foods bought by the users


IllustrationIllustration - The development of technology makes many food services now not only serving food. Many also offer food-eating services, which are purchased by consumers through online food messaging services.

Reported by Global Times, on April 2nd 2019, the number of young people who started to limit their food intake is getting higher. This is due to this strange food service. It turns out that many people intentionally pay other people to eat the food they buy, so that their hunger can be channeled to see other people eating the food they want.

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One popular online service is 'Eat for You' and 'Drink for You'. As the name implies, this service is specifically designed to consume consumer food and drinks. The way to order is almost similar to other online food services.

Initially consumers can choose the food and drink they want, from the restaurant they choose, with all ordering costs and delivery costs borne by consumers. The difference is, this food will be sent to staff who are on 'Eat for You' and 'Drink for You'.

After the food arrives, the staff will conduct a video chat session with consumers. So the consumers can watch their food eaten by staff there. In some regions in China, this trend has existed since last year, and its development continues to increase.


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