Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Unable to walk because his condition, this 2 years old got custom wheelchair from this high school robotic team


Cillian JacksonCillian Jackson - Cillian Jackson (2) has a genetic condition that makes him unable to walk. His parents must use a baby stroller if they are taking him to walk. One day they took the initiative to find a special wheelchair so that Cillian could take a walk by himself. Unfortunately, there is no company that can produce this kind of wheelchair available near where they live.

Therefore, they tried to ask to the robotics team from Farmington High School. Quoted from CNN, and they used the planning and model of a special wheelchair company and modified toy cars to create their special wheelchairs. This unique wheelchair is made in such a way as to make it easy for Cillian to move around at will.

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"The students torned apart the toy cars and used the electronic parts of the car, redesigning the joystick and adjusting the seats for Cillian. Everything we did for the robotics competition ... was very much related to create this. They made the program for the wheelchair, took care of cabling, and all of the things to make this wheelchair perfect" said robotic coach Spencer Elvebak.

Alex Treakle, one of the students in charge of the cable department said he decided to join the project because he wanted to help someone and that ultimately made him very happy. When he saw Cillian try the modified toy car for the first time, Alex saw the happiness on Cillian's face that could make him happy all year.


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