Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Beautiful but sadistic, this Playboy model arrested after beating an old man to death


The suspect, Kelsey Turner and the victim Dr. Thomas BurchardThe suspect, Kelsey Turner and the victim Dr. Thomas Burchard - Kelsey Turner, the sexy model that had appeared in Italian Playboy magazine recently was captured by the California police. Kelsey was arrested for the murder of a 71-year-old man. The 25-year-old woman was arrested on March 21st due to the death of psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard. According to the FBI investigation, Kelsey beaten the 71-year-old man to death and his body was kept in the trunk of a car.

According to the lover of the late Dr. Thomas, Judy Earp, Kelsey and her mother are always financially assisted by the doctor, and the financial assistance stopped a while ago and apparently that made Kelsey planned his murder. For years, Dr. Thomas provided assistance to Kelsey and her mother, even he rented out a house for them. "The assistance might have been around USD 300,000 or maybe more" Judy said, who told Action News Friday.

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When the assistance stopped, Kelsey and her mother were forced to move. Judy believed that Kelsey asked Dr. Thomas to meet her in Las Vegas. Since the meeting, Dr. Thomas did not return and was declared dead. According to other sources, Dr. Thomas reportedly has an intimate relationship with Kelsey. So, do not be surprised if Dr. Thomas was generous with her, but when financial assistance stopped Kelsey felt hurt and decided to kill the man.


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