Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Wanted to have children without getting married, Salmafina is looking for sperm donor


SalmafinaSalmafina - The name of lawyer Sunan Kalijaga’s daughter, Salmafina Sunan, becomes the talk on netizen lately due to the video spread on internet, showing her dancing in a night club. Salmafina once again causes shock and controversy among netizens when she claimed that she wants children without getting married.

Salmafina Sunan tries to find sperm donor so that she can have kids. She announced it on Instagram story. In her post, she said she had done some research about the positive and negative effect of getting sperm donor.

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The reason for this is because Salmafina is still traumatized by her short-term marriage. She married Taqy Malik on September 2017 but they were divorced after a short time. Through Instagram story, she claimed that she did not want to get married again.

“I wish I don’t have to get married. I just want a long term relationship... and have kids,” she wrote.

Although she did not want to get married again, she still wants to have kids. That is why she thought of getting sperm donor.

“I mean I can have children without a husband, just look for sperm donor. There are European sperm bank and research about it,” she wrote.

Salmafina knows that most men in Indonesia will not agree with her opinion and decision. That is why she is looking for foreigners that can give her some sperm.


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