Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Smartfren presents BosKu SIM card, spoiling customers with 360 GB internet quota


IllustrationIllustration - Wednesday, April 10th 2019, Smartfren again spoils its customers in Pekanbaru, Riau Province. This time Smartfren presents a phenomenal card, namely the BosKu Card (Quota Bonus).

Smartfren Regional Head in Northern Sumatra, Jefry Batubara said that this new card was deliberately presented to answer all requests for users of various brands of 4G mobile devices.

"We mean the presence of this product as a form of trust for mobile phone manufacturers in the quality and network and services presented by Smartfren" said Jefry, Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

"This BosKu Card is the first card that we specifically present to the leading 46 LTE mobile phone users available on the market. Also, this card is also part of the communication ecosystem through the 46 LTE network that we provide, DNS" said Jefry.

Jefry also said, this BosKu card is presented with a super big 4G internet quota, which gave a total bonus quota of 360GB. This fantastic quota can be obtained by refilling or topping up a minimum of IDR 50 thousand per month, the quota bonus is given a maximum of 24 times or 24 months after activation.

The trick is specifically for the first bonus, the customer must top up min IDR 50 thousan and install the MySmartfren application on the same day as activation, then the customer only needs to top up min IDR 50 thousand/month then the bonus will be received per 30 days. The quota bonus is given at 15GB which is valid for 14 days.

"The quota consists of 2GB of main quota, 3GB of quota chat, and 10GB of quota midnight. Users will also get unlimited call quota to fellow Smartfren users as long as the bonus is still valid" said Jefry.

The bonus given by his side also does not cut the nominal top-up by the customer, so users can use the existing credit to buy a variety of refill package options presented by Smartfren. Like 19GB of Internet quota for only IDR 60,000; or 33GB for IDR 100,000; so the quota owned by the customer will be bigger.

The DNS concept of Smartfren is a 4G LTE ecosystem that consists of Devices: with the presence of a starter card that can be used on a variety of OMH devices, Network: with the presence of Smartfren's 4G LTE network in more than 200 cities in Indonesia, and Services: with various quota package offers super large internet but at an affordable price.

It believes that with the presence of the BosKu card and top-up voucher with a choice of a variety of super 4G super internet quota contents, it can accommodate the customer's digital lifestyle in using data services.


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