Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Wisteria, Japan's second most famous flower after cherry blossom


IllustrationIllustration - Cherry blossom, or Sakura in Japanese, is probably the most popular flower in Japan. But other than cherry blossoms, there is another flower that attracts people’s attention: the wisteria flower.

Wisteria, or Fuji in Japanese, is Japan’s second most popular flower. It grows hanging down, and in some gardens it can be made into a tunnel.

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After cherry blossom season ends in Japan, people turn their attention to wisteria. This flower blooms around late April and early May.

Wisteria colors range from blue, pink, purple to white. Nevertheless, they are all beautiful and the view is just as magnificent as the cherry blossom, if not more.

Wisteria also blooms in America. But Japanese wisteria, called Wisteria floribunda, is not native to North American and is considered a different species of plant. Many people consider it be much more beautiful than the American wisteria.


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