Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Which one is healthier to drink after exercise, cold drink or hot drink?, this is the explanation


IllustrationIllustration - The debate seems to be endless. Although both have benefits to restore body fluids, temperature differences have different effects on the body. Drinking cold water has its own positive effect, it low temperatures can keep the core temperature of our body maintained so we can continue to exercise longer without the risk of overheating.

But in certain conditions, drinking cold water also has its own negative effect. For those who have flu, for example, cold water tends to stimulate the production of mucous or respiratory mucus. Likewise, for those who have a history of migraines, the temperature of drinking water that is not in accordance with body temperature can trigger the disease to relapse.

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And for warm water, because it is closer to body temperature, warm water is easily accepted by our digestive system. The body does not provide extra energy to regulate the temperature, so the metabolism is less affected. Some people also claim that warm water is more beneficial for those who want detox toxins from their body. The warm temperature stimulates sweat, which is one of the mechanisms for removing metabolic waste.

However, what is needed most by the body after exercise is to replace body fluids that came out as sweat as soon as possible. Various functions of the organ will be disrupted when the body lacks fluids. About cold or warm matter, in a healthy condition there seems to be no fatal impact.


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