Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

Pakistani restaurant in Washington shares free food for 160,000 needed people per year


IllustrationIllustration - Starting from his own life story, one of the successful entrepreneurs from Pakistan in US decided to provide free food to thousands of people in need. Kazi Mannan first came to America, 23 years ago with only USD 5 in his wallet, and when he managed to collect some money, he opened his own restaurant. He let everyone who starved, to eat at his Sakina Halal Grill restaurant in Washington D.C. for free.

Reported by The Epoch Times, on April 10th 2019, Mannan ensures that all people who need food can enjoy free food at his restaurant. He serves a variety of authentic Pakistani dishes. "If you can't afford to buy food, come to this restaurant and enjoy free food. You can enjoy the same atmosphere, with visitors who pay for their food," Mannan said.

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At least Mannan has provided free food for more than 16,000 people. This act of kindness of him reaps various praises from other people, especially from homeless people who he have been helped a lot. "We will accept you and respect you, just as we value visitors who pay for their food. We treat you like a family member" Mannan continued.

Even some homeless people often come to this restaurant twice a day, to eat for free. "Many people are afraid that homeless people have many mental problems end even health problem. Many say that they are dirty, not clean, and when they come to a restaurant, it will destroy our business, but not here, in this restaurant they can eat and getting treated like people who pay for their foods" Mannan explained.


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