Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet failed to land on the surface of the moon


IllustrationIllustration - The Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet, almost landed on the surface of the Moon. But it failed at the last moment, destroying the dreams of Israel to be the fourth country to ever land a vehicle on the Earth satellite. And if it went successful, Beresheet will also be the first mission to successfully conquer the Moon with funds from the private sector.

The purpose of this vehicle is to take photos and carry out research. Among others, studies to measure magnetic fields at the landing site, namely at Mare Serenitatis. Beresheet also carries a kind of reflector from NASA to help measure more accurately the distance between the Moon and Earth.

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Previously, only the governments of the Soviet Union, the United States and China have succeeded to land their spacecraft on the Moon. Israel has confirmed the failure of Beresheet. "We were failed, but we certainly have tried. I think the achievement of achieving it is truly extraordinary, I think we can be proud of it" said one of the main supporters of Beresheet, Morris Kahn, quoted from the BBC.

Beresheet travels about 7 weeks from Earth to the Moon. The unmanned spacecraft then approached a final orbit as high as 15 kilometers from the surface of the Moon. But in the last moments the communication was cut off. Opher Doron from Israel Aerospace Industries announced a system failure on the plane. "Unfortunately, we cannot land it successfully" he said.


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