Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Paleontologist found the 'perfect' dinosaurs footprint on South Korea


IllustrationIllustration - A number of paleontology researchers from Chinju National University in Korea and the University of Denver, Colorado, found 'perfect' dinosaur foot skin traces. The discovery was made while carrying out excavations in South Gyeongsang province, Jinju city, South Korea. The researchers describe the dinosaur footprints as coming from the smallest, most well-preserved theropod trail.

Reporting from Geek, the footprints of the dinosaur's feet are known from the type of dinosaur Minisauripus. The length of footprints found is only one inch. "The trail was found in a very thin layer of fine mud, a bit like a new layer of paint with one millimeter thick" said Martin Lockley, a member of the research team from the University of Denver Colorado.


Evidence shows just before the rails in South Gyeongsang province were made, there was a pool of water. Then, the Minisauripus dinosaur was allegedly stepping on the puddle. The dinosaur footprints found consist of ordinary tubercles that are very fine or like bumps in a polygon arrangement, which gives the impression of patterned sediments such as sandpaper or woven each tubercle is 0.5 millimeter in diameter.

Furthermore, Lockley and the team said that there are no dinosaurs or other tetrapod footprints found with images of well-preserved skin such as the type of dinosaur Minisauripus. No dinosaur or other tetrapod footprints have been reported with well-maintained skin impressions that cover the entire surface of the track in the entire sample.


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