Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Sudan’s armed forces overthrown the regime of president Omar al-Bashir


 Presiden Omar al-Bashir Presiden Omar al-Bashir - Sudan's armed forces declare the coup of President Omar al-Bashir. They said they would lead the country by forming a Military Council for the next two years. As reported by AFP on Thursday, April 11th 2019, Bashir had previously reportedly resigned from his post after three decades in power.

Bashir's indications in the coup strengthened because the defense ministry and armed forces reportedly deployed troops and surrounded the president's residence. They also withdrawn the entire president's aides. "I announce on behalf of the Minister of Defense that he has overthrown the regime and detained the president in a safe place" Sudan's Defense Minister AwadIbnouf said.

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The wave of demonstrations by the Sudanese people has demanded that Bashir to resign more intensely since last week. In fact, they had clashed with officials when demonstrating in front of the Ministry of Defense. After Bashir dropped, the armed forces deployed troops just in case in the capital city of Khartoum. They did not stop thousands of people turning to the streets celebrating Bashir's resignment.

Sudanese activist group, the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) called on the military to immediately hand over power to the people, to form a transitional government. "We do not accept the current government to continue the government, or allow the military to fill the power" said SPA spokesman Elmuntasir Ahmed.


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