Friday, 13 Dec 2019

It's getting brutal, a high school student in Bangladesh burned alive by her classmates


Nusrat Rafi being treated in hospital before she diedNusrat Rafi being treated in hospital before she died - Bullying cases seem to never end. Lately, there is an incident of a middle school student in Pontianak named Audrey who got bullied by female high school students. A number of people sympathized with her started to defend her, using the hashtag #JusticeForAudrey on social media.

Even when Audrey’s case has yet to be finished, there is another bullying case that happened and went viral. A high school student died due to bullying, her body burnt.

This poor high school student is named Nusrat Rafi (18) from Chittagong, Bangladesh. She was bullied by her school mates in Senior Fazil Madrasa. The four bullies even splashed her withgasoline and burned her to death.

Nusrat’s brother, Mahmudul Hasa found out about it and went to the crime scene after he was contacted by the school. He was shocked to find his sister’s body burnt, with only her face still intact.

Nusrat was brought to Dhaka Medical College Hospital and she had to receive intensive care due to her injury. Unfortunately, after 5 days, she died on Wednesday, April 10th.

Her death causes great sadness for her family, especially her mother, Shirin Akter, who still could not let go of her daughter. The family then charged the culprits, even asking for justice from Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina.


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