Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Chinese authorities seized 2,748 elephant ivories weighing 7,5 tons in the massive seizure in China


IllustrationIllustration - Chinese authorities reportedly seized 2,748 ivories weighing a total of 7.5 tons in a major operation last month. The Chinese Customs Administration Office said that the massive operation was carried out in six provinces simultaneously.

"This case shows the largest seizure of elephant ivory in one case that was independently investigated by the Customs Administration's anti-smuggling bureau in recent years" said the office's director, Sun Zhijie.

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Sun said that the operation had succeeded in destroying one of the international crime organizations that had long been a specialist in smuggling elephant ivory. According to Sun, the ivories were smuggled by sea from African countries. After transit in several countries, the ivory was then smuggled across the border with China behind a pile of wood.

This operation is appreciated by many parties, especially non-government organizations that pay attention to wildlife, such as TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC stated that this seizure and arrest operation has the potential to be the second largest in the history of disclosure of ivory smuggling throughout the world.


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