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GARAKU, a train with Japanese traditional interior inside with the route from Osaka to Kyoto


IllustrationIllustration - Tourists can explore the large Kansai area of Japan by boarding the sightseeing train. This service is called Kyo-train, ran by Hankyu railways. It will allow you to take in the scenery of the cities whole enjoying the luxurious atmosphere.

There is a second edition called the Kyo-train GARAKU. This train will go between Osaka and Kyoto.

To make the passengers feel the atmosphere of Kyoto, which is one of the areas in Japan that still preserve Japan’s traditional customs, the train’s interior is made to look like the interior of Japanese traditional building.

The theme of the train’s interior is “Japanese Modern Kyomachiya”. Kyomachiya are wooden townhouses which were common in Kyoto before the 1950s.

The GARAKU consists of six carriages and every carriages are themed with Japan’s seasons. That way, if you go through all the carriages from the back to the front or the other way around, you will feel the changes through the seasons, with Japanese fauna as the motifs of the seasons.

The first carriage is about autumn, with maple leaves as the decoration. The second carriage is winter-themed, with bamboo as the motif. Third carriage is all about spring with cherry blossom. The fourth carriage represents summer, which is symbolized with hollyhock. The fifth and sixth carriages are themed with Japan’s micro-seasons, which is early autumn and early spring. Early autums uses susuki grass as the motif while the early spring use plum blossom as the motif.


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