Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

There is a unique hotel room that looks like a giant potato in Idaho, US


IllustrationIllustration - Most hotels are built in the middle of the city or around tourism sites, where they can get many customers. Hotels are also usually built to look as beautiful and luxurious as possible.

But there is an unusual hotel in United States. There was a statue in a form of a giant potato, which later became a hotel.

This hotel is called Big Idaho Potato Hotel, located in Boise, one of the densely populated cities in Idaho. This hotel is 8 meters long and 3 meters wide.

Inside this hotel, you can find things that you usually find in any other hotel rooms. There are bed, table, chair, restroom, and even fireplace.

At first, that hotel room was actually the statue of a giant potato that was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Idaho Potato Commission in 2012. The statue was brought in a tour for 6 years to promote the harvest in Idaho.

The giant potato statue was then abandoned after the Commission made a new version. Then, one of the team members, Kristie Wolfe, had an idea to turn the statue into a hotel room.


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